Camilla Gray-Nelson, The Dog Talk Diva

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Camilla Gray-Nelson – for Speaking Engagements

Camilla Gray-Nelson, the Dog Talk Diva

Camilla coaches, cajoles and commands her audience, teaching important life lessons on leadership and personal empowerment in an unlikely waythrough the process of dog training. Drawing upon her years of studying animal behavior, Camilla discusses the similarities between dogs and humans and the subtler side of leadership – why bigger and louder isn’t better and how universal leadership cures can be applied to all of life’s important situations. It’s a powerful but pragmatic approach designed to help audiences better achieve their goals – not only with their dogs, but with their staff, their clients, their children and partners alike.

In her presentations, Camilla shares excerpts from her best-selling book, LIPSTICK AND THE LEASH: Dog Training a Woman’s Way to encourage audiences to see their dogs in a whole new light: as mentors of empowerment. Camilla’s humor, wit and unique message have led media outlets to her door. Her energy, passion and commitment to teaching “natural leadership” make her one of today’s most in-demand speakers.

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